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Spring Softball Schedule

April 2nd

vs Stony Brook Christian Assembly "A" 

Time: 4pm   Field: Bellport 1


April 9th

vs Island Christian Church

Time: 5pm   Field: Bellport 2


April 16th

vs Medford A/G "B"

Time: 5pm   Field: Bellport 2


April 23rd

vs Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle "B"

Time: 5pm Field: Raynor 2


April 30th

vs Real Life Assembly of God

Time: 8pm   Field: Raynor 2


May 7th

vs Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle "B"

Time: 5pm   Field: Raynor 2


May 14th

vs Evangel Church of God

Time: 8pm   Field: TBA




Spring Softball Schedule for All Divisions


East Division:


E1: CI/Great River


E2: B3- Island Christian Church


E3: Medford A/G "B"


E4: Sayville Gospel Orange


E5: Real Life Assebly Of God


E6: Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle "B"


E7:StonyBrook Christian Assembly "A"




West Division:


W1: Evangel Church of God


W2: Grace Church


W3: Medford A/G "A"


W4: Sayville Gospel Red


W5: Shirley A/G


W6: Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle "A"


W7: StonyBrook Christian Assembly "B"




Click link below for field directions

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